CMYK gorilla is being sketched as a logo for the rebranding of PrintingApes

Rebranding Looks Good

brilliant gorilla sketch in the printing colors of CMYK

We are excited to announce our new brand, new look, and new website. We loved  Sylvester, the head gorilla over at Silverback Signs, and we know many felt the same.  No need to worry he is relaxing in the office hammock and still puts in his two scents..…quite frequently, I must say. 

Let’s face it, some may have found our original look a bit…..well…..drab. So we set out to brighten things up. Which meant creating a brilliant new color palette and a unique style. 

We wanted a logo that expressed confidence but was approachable and sparked ingenuity. Initially, we didn’t expect to make such a radical change but we are sure glad we did. In fact, we’re bananas over it! 

We are excited about our new logo not only because it is the cornerstone of our new brand but also because it’s colorful, friendly, and reflects our genuine personality.  We initially liked many design concepts but none of them felt quite right. Once we landed on the CMYK attributes of the now PrintingApes logo…..“Wait! YMCA?” 

No, no. Not YMCA. CMYK! Although are family of apes do like to stay fit, we’d like to clarify, CMYK is the color model used in color printing that is based on the four basic colors (C=Cyan M=Magenta Y=Yellow K=Black). This color model is based in mixing pigments to achieve the plethora of colors you can find on our products today.

Anyhow, once we saw our logo incorporate this vivid CMYK aspect of the printing world, there was no denying that we wanted to illuminate our brand with this vibrant and metaphoric strategy. This approachable, quirky gorilla gave our company the clarity and energy to take the next steps into our future.

Now that our new logo (which essentially was were our identity began) was complete, we were ready to evolve even more! With a more distinctive and playful logo PrintingApes decided we needed to not only “Make A BOLD Impression” but to make all the impressions that are important to us and to our customers. 

black brand info graph depicts what goes into a brand such as marketing, design, value, strategy, logo, advertising, identity, and trust.

So we had to break it down. What is involved in the creation of a new brand? What was to be the foundation of our identity? What characteristics would make us PrintingApes? Then the biggest question, what kind of impression DO we want to make? 

  • Family - family is important to us. We are a family owned and operated company. So, we want to make a family-friendly impression and refrain from producing any products that are disturbing or degrading. 
  • Environment - the environment is important to us and the future of our family. So, we want to make a positive impression, or impact, on the natural environment we all share by choosing products and processes that better preserve nature. 
  • Humanity - humanity and human kindness are important to us. So, we want to make a human impression. 

“Hold on,” you may think, “why would a bunch of apes care about humanity and what do you mean by a human impression?” 

Firstly, let’s let you in on a little secret. While we care very much about the great ape population and have a lot of fun talking in the third person as if we were a bunch of apes, we are all humans here. Secondly, when we say we want to make a “human” impression, we mean that we want to treat all humans like humans. This means treating one another with respect and compassion and encouraging others to do the same. It’s our aim to do this by being an example, supporting like minded organizations, and offering products that inspire laughter, gentility, creativity, or acceptance.

  • Fun - when it came to marketing and advertising we decided that we want to make a fun impression. We want to involve our viewers and our community in entertaining treasure hunts, riddles, contests, and fundraisers all with exciting prizes and big discounts.  Fun for us, fun for you!
  • Trust - trust is essential in any partnership. So, we want want to make a satisfactory and transparent impression by putting people before profit. This means solid customer support and accountable integrity in all that we do. 

At the heart of our rebrand, our core values and aspirations are still focused on creating inspirational products, being authentic, and growing our community outreach. 

As we continue to grow the PrintingApes family we will be expanding our areas of focus and improving the customer experience. We are growing bigger, broader ideas and want our brand to best reflect where we came from, what we believe in, and where we’re headed.

This is just the beginning for our new brand and we are excited to have customers who embrace our products and our growth. In the coming months plan to see exciting changes, new stories, ways to get involved, and fun new events because there’s much more to come.

Pink and White hibiscus flowers signed Enjoy, Amethyst

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