How To Energize Your Room With a Wall Decal?

How To Energize Your Room With a Wall Decal?

Making a room your own is one of the most fun things to do in your house. Wallpaper and paint can only do so much for a room. You need to bring in the big guns to personalize an area. You can do this with custom wall decals. Choosing the right wall decal can be very challenging. You should select a wall decal that can express your taste, interest, and creative flair.

You will likely find numerous decals with different materials, sizes, images, and personalization options, and it is up to you to choose the right one. Remember that the wall covering can make your place look bigger, brighter, and warmer. One of the significant benefits of covering is that it can also hide your room's imperfect elements.

What Are Custom Wall Decals?

These cool, versatile wall decals are large vinyl stickers. They are easily applied to any wall, flat surface, or window. They are also the perfect alternative to painting an entire wall. Many people love them because they're easy to personalize, fun to choose, and bring life to the room. You can get them in all sorts of colors, patterns, prints, and designs. When you want a change in the room, these wall decals come right off as well. Here at Printing Apes, we will help you figure out what works best for you, and you can get a variety of wall decals. You can also consider the below tips for your home decoration. Here we will discuss some creative ways to use custom wall decals in different areas of your home.

The Growing Trend

There are hundreds of different wall decals, and you don't have to go with flowers or quotes. You can even go with an entire wall that looks like wallpaper. The reason why wall decals are booming is that they require little commitment. They don't leave holes in your wall from nails or take off your paint and are versatile. For example, if you have a small space and you would like to make it appear more expansive, you can select a wall decal with cool-color backgrounds.

Provide A Distraction

Sometimes you need a focal point in a room. A large wall decal takes all the attention of the room. If you need to distract the eye from the fact a bed doesn't have a headboard or an office chair doesn't quite fit, a wall decal is a perfect choice. You can position it off-center, making the eye focus away from the problem areas.

 Living Room

Most living rooms are large rooms with lots of open space. It can be tough to figure out how to decorate a living area. It's important to choose a wall decal that complements the furniture and overall decoration. If your living area is neutral tones, you can either choose a bold decal to bring a unique flavor to the room or a neutral decal that blends in. Choose trees or flowers if a room is earthy. You can customize the room by choosing a wall decal with your family monogram or a special saying. You also don't want to overwhelm the room with too many decals, so they do not take over the entire room’s feel.


The kitchen is a fun room to play with when it comes to custom wall decals. You can make your kitchen into a little cafe, a coffee shop, or a farmhouse kitchenette. You can place short quotes around the area, decals of coffee and teacups, or modern farmhouse decals. Make sure to stick with the color and decoration of the room. If you have a backsplash in the kitchen, you can put a decal along with them for a bit of personalization. A kitchen is a place you can truly make your own with decals.


You can create a focal point along your wall in your bedroom with a decal. You can make the room look different without it looking crowded this way. If you need something to display over your bed, go with a wall decal. You can put up a large image or a cute quote. You can even put a decal on your headboard for a beautiful design.


Don't let your bathroom become boring. A bathroom isn't a place where you usually place traditional artwork, so go ahead and get bold. You can transform your shower door into a door full of bubbles and waves. Put a quote above your mirror for inspiration. A toilet tank is also a perfect place for a cute little quote, or you could personalize your side of the sink with a character. A bathroom is a place where you can go wild with personalization and colorful decals.

Kids' Rooms

A kid's room is one of the most fun places in the home for a decal. It's tough to throw paint in a kid's room or hang up bulky artwork above their bed. Wall decals give you the best way to decorate without having to worry about these things. You can choose a brighter style. Please pay attention to the wall borders because they help you establish the room's theme quickly. You may go for decorative animals, birds, cartoon characters, or all kinds of flowers along the wall. Get the kids involved with choosing their decals. The best thing is that as they grow, they can change the decal along with their interests.

Around The House

The decals can go in any room around your house. You don't have to hang art in your guest rooms or office. Go with a wall decal with a saying or a pretty picture. You can even apply decals to cabinets or drawer fronts. Instead of placing expensive pieces of art or knick knacks, go for little decals for details. The options around the house are endless.

Create A Feature Wall

Wall decals allow a person to create art in new areas. One of the best ways to create this art is to make a feature wall. You can put all sorts of things across this feature wall in any room. Whether it's scenery or beautiful images or quotes and sayings, you're the artist of your own home. You don't have to stop at a feature wall. You can also create this type of art on tiles and mirrors. You don't need to spend a lot of money on renovations in your home when you have a wall decal.

For Organizing

A wall decal gives you a window into the perfect organization. It's tough for most people to know where everything is in their home. They want to know where it is with labels, so things are easy to find and use. Decals are perfect to put on bottles and boxes. You can erase and change the labels at any point. You can even switch the containers at any moment.

For Occasions

The perfect seasonal decoration is a wall decal. When you need a theme or a seasonal decoration, customized decals give you a temporary, great solution, like you can put pumpkins on your wall for Halloween.

Tips For Applying Your Decals

It isn't hard at all to apply a wall decal. It's important to clean and dry the wall before application. All you need to do is line up the design before you begin to peel away the backing. You can use a squeegee to ensure there are no wrinkles during your application. When you want to take the decal off the wall, all you need to do is pull it down. You might even be able to reuse the decal in another room.

Get Samples First

If you would like to buy a wall decal, you should order one or two only. Get samples first to make sure the pieces you get to meet your requirements fully.

Different Sizes

There are many sizes of wall decals. Before buying a wall decal, you should figure out the specific area you want to place because every house and room has different dimensions. Also, determine how big of a decal you want in the room first. Measure the area of the wall or place where you will stick the decal.

Custom wall decals provide an easy, unique way to decorate the rooms in your home. You don't have to worry about a mess when you want to change out the decals either. You get to personalize rooms, decorated in a fun way, and enjoy the artwork as your family lives in each room. You can use different wall decals to show your preference and personalities. You deserve to spend your time in a comfortable room and a place that suits your sense of style. Take your time when choosing a wall decal. We can help you find the best custom wall decal that fits each room's needs in your home.

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