How To Choose The Best Wall Mural For Your Home Or Business?

How To Choose The Best Wall Mural For Your Home Or Business?

Choosing the right mural for your home or office can be very challenging. It is recommended to select a mural that can express your taste, interest, and creative flair. You will likely find numerous murals with different materials, sizes, images, and personalization options.

Remember that a wall covering can make your office or home look bigger, brighter, and warmer, and vice versa. The covering can also hide the imperfect elements in your room. When choosing the right mural, keep in mind the tips below.

Choose Color that Matches Your Theme

The color you choose can set the mood of your room. If you have a small space and you would like to make it appear more open, you can select a mural with a cool-color background. Colors next to each other on the color wheel, such as blue and green, will make your space more casual and relaxing. If you reside in places with colder climates, you can opt for warm colors such as yellow, red, and orange. Warm colors make people feel the warmth of summer. Choose a mural that matches with the mood that you want to set in that room.

Choose a Suitable Style

Different murals match with different looks.

Murals for your office: If you want to choose office murals, focus on large-scale patterns.

Murals for your kids' room: While selecting the mural for kids' rooms, you can choose a brighter style. You can go with a Printing Apes custom mural design option to make sure your kids have what they like. Also, our curated collection is filled with wall mural designs that kids of all ages will love. You can choose from scenes of 'wild animals in the jungle and bright butterflies' to time’s forgotten land and ‘Dinosaur's Beginning of the End' to 'Air Balloons’ and other fun patterns.

Murals for your bedroom: If you are selecting murals for the bedroom, go with fresh colors.

Murals for your living room: The style of your living room mural is defined by what is inside. For example, if your furniture is dark, we suggest selecting a lighter shade of colored wall mural so that your room does not feel overcrowded. If you have bright furniture, curtains, and carpet, we suggest using a cool-color background.

Whether choosing contrasting colors or colors that match, check that the colors and patterns you select work well with the rest of your space. Remember that the material you select is best when it is easy to maintain, just like the choice materials we offer for our peel and stick wallpaper mural

Play with Light

Before you purchase a mural, check the lighting of your rooms. If your room is dull and has no windows, you can consider looking for a wall-covering to reflect the light in your room. To utilize as much light as possible, choose murals with light color patterns. Furthermore, an iridescent or metallic color will brighten up dull rooms.

You can also get designs with smoother surfaces because they will reflect as much light as possible. Remember, dark wall murals absorb light and can make a room feel smaller and darker. Textured murals in dull rooms can also make your room look darker.

Open Up Space

If you have a small room, it’s advisable to avoid dark colors because they will make you feel confined. Instead, if you have a small space and you would like to make it appear more extensive, you can choose a mural with cool-color backgrounds. You could also go for murals with large, fantastical prints such as a forest, nature landscape, botanical, or birds.

Hide Wall Imperfections with Texture

Did you know that you can hide the imperfections on your wall with murals? If your wall has flaws and you want to revamp and improve it without the labor of a remodel, murals can do the job. Choose a pattern with a layered design to create a texture perception. Choose murals with tactile surfaces like canvas, classic linen, deep wood grain, leather, stone vinyl. You can also cover-up flawed walls with murals to make them look as if they are made of wood, marble, leather, or even animal skin.


Before buying a mural, first consider what will inspire you to make your room look fabulous. Peel-and-stick wall murals can be a fun and easy way to decorate your home or office. Depending on what you want to do with the room, you can choose a mural that suits your needs. 

For your office, you can choose murals with bright, bold colors and images to affect your customers’ emotions, as studies have shown when they make decisions. The wall mural's size can also be significant. Consider choosing an impressionable sized mural so that your wall mural pops as if demanding attention. 

Mix and Match Wisely

Did you know that a room without patterns can create boredom, while a place with many color patterns can appear restless? When mixing floral, stripes, or plaids in the room, pick patterns that repeat the same color. If you want your room to have the right visual interest that is not overwhelming to your eyes, you could pick wall mural pieces with intricate details. You can choose different murals, with different styles and mix them beautifully. It is good practice to use wall-covering samples to easily coordinate your design’s colors.

Get Samples First

If you plan to purchase a wall mural, it’s good practice to get samples to ensure that the colors and material you have selected work well with your space. Once you have identified the material, colors, and size that you would like, request samples before you make your purchase. For peace of mind, getting samples first confirms the options you intend to buy meet your requirements. 

Choose Removable Wall Murals

Wall murals get printed on different materials that are more durable, longer lasting, and easier to install. Some, of which, are removable and others that are high tack permanent. There are several advantages of using removable wall murals in your rooms.

Printing Apes offers a premium peel-and-stick wall fabric that you can easily remove and reinstall without damaging your wall. Which is useful, especially if you live in rented apartments or would like to move a mural from one room to another.

Peel and stick wall murals are very easy to install and have many advantages over painted wall murals. Installing peel and stick wall murals consist of less prep work, no messy paint or glue, and no clean-up. 

Removable wall murals are very user-friendly since you can decorate for a particular season or event. Plus, you can easily remove them later after completing their purpose, with no surface damage and no cleaning.


Before buying a wall mural, figure out the specific area where you want to place it. Every house and room has different dimensions. Consider first, whether you would like a full or partial wall covering. Perhaps you’d like an image centered above your couch or a landscape that stretches across the room. Either way, be sure to measure twice and order once.

Choose the Right Wall

It is imperative to choose the right wall to place your mural art. Most people recommend you place the artwork on the wall that you first see while entering your room. You can also opt to put the wall mural on the wall against your sofa because they change the room's feel and look. If you choose to cover only one wall, choose dramatic and bold wall mural designs to make a striking impression. 

Remember the Goal

Always remember the goal that you want to achieve with your peel-and-stick wall mural. If you are the type who loves tech and cars, you can consider getting a racing-related wall mural. If you're going to put a wall mural in the kids' room, you can consider getting a fairy or dinosaur themed mural. You can also opt to get nature scene murals if you want your room to look bigger.

You can use peel-and-stick wall murals to show your creativity and personality. Remember, you not only deserve to spend your time in a comfortable space but also a space that suits your sense of style. Take your time when choosing a home or office mural. Although there are no rules for decorating your room, consider the above tips when decorating with wall murals. Remember, Printing Apes offers a wide variety of murals and many more items to make your space your own.

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