Shop chalkboard sign with white letters reading welcome com on in with a hand drawn picture of a type writer

Greetings & Welcome

Shop chalkboard sign with white letters reading welcome com on in with a hand drawn picture of a type writer

Hey, hi, howdy, hello, and many warm greetings! We are pleased to welcome you to our blog and hope that you will be a regular visitor.

Have you checked out the PrintingApes store yet? There’s so many items to discover and there’s something for everyone. As a guest here, we hope you will find inspirational ideas on how to bring your space to life. 

We are proud to announce our new website,, and through our blog we plan to bring you fun and insightful stories about us, helpful resources, design trends, giveaways & contest announcements, event updates, outreach initiatives, briefs on the difference you’re making, and bulletins on your fresh ideas.

Our Short Story 

How did our co-owners get started in their career and find their entrepreneurialism? For some, our career started in a small family owned and operated sign shop while others of us watched as Mom built a comic business out of a single box of collectibles. Really, our story started with family and now has found it’s way back again. The dynamics have changed as have the goals. We’ve had great successes and sad losses. We’ve developed and sharpened our skills and our values. Now, we are here and we are moving forward with great aspirations. 

Colorful as our products are, the PrintingApes family knows that, while our business may be centered around inspiring prints, it is really about people. Formed by printing industry veterans, PrintingApes set out to develop a new, caring company that balanced people with profit and fun with forward movement. Our mission is to model an ethical approach to business while creating meaningful work. It is through this passion, PrintingApes hopes to set themselves apart.

Our leadership team wants to create opportunities for everyone employed by or corroborating with PrintingApes to have fun, learn more, and achieve their goals both personally and professionally. Largely, we want PrintingApes to be a creative and productive business. To do this, it’s important to conduct ourselves with respect towards others and strive towards mutual solutions, not differences.

On Our Blog

On this blog we will share with you our passion and knowledge of the colorful world of printing and much more. Here’s what to expect. 

  • About Us - We invite you into our world. Look for posts featuring “A Day In The Life” stories that follow the daily activities around here, our adventures, what has and hasn’t worked for us in life and in business, maybe even some random stories to make you laugh.
  • Helpful Resources - Find advice on how to make selections that will better suit you, how to care for your products, installation tips and tricks, before and after transformation stories, and related topics. 
  • Design Trends - Driven by a spirit of possibility. As times change and people seek ways to improve their world, we must also evolve to meet these needs in new and unexpected ways. We will regularly be updating our store to offer you the latest design trends that you want to see. Find out what new items are coming soon or see your design requests in production by looking for our design trends posts.
  • Giveaways - Contests and giveaways along with the winners’ artistic works will be announced regularly. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again…this is fun for us, fun for you. Our giveaway wish list is endless so keep checking back here to see what fun we’re sharing.
  • Event Updates - Customers and staff are filled with curiosity and anticipation of what engaging events we’ll be hosting or attending. Fundraisers, charity events, trade shows, community celebrations, festivals, and farmers markets…you’ll be in the know if you want to go.
  • Outreach Initiatives - These posts will address issues that are current in our community and in our hearts. Awareness, culture, community, education, human rights, health care and health advancements, nature preservation, rehabilitation…all causes we want to help bring to light. Read what we have, are, and will be doing to make things happen.
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  • Your Difference - You may know that with every purchase you make, we donate a percentage of that sale to your favorite charity. We also offer a carbon offset program where you can choose to green your purchase. These are just a couples ways you make a difference when you choose PrintingApes. See transparent reports on donation and offset donation activity. Plus, enjoy donor spotlights where we will feature those customers and partners whose generosity and passion for change have been making a difference.
  • Your Ideas -  Look forward to guest posts, see your ideas and suggestions actualized and put on display, and find the answers to your most recent questions. 

Our store is still new, so be sure to check back on a regular basis because we’ll be adding new products every week. Maybe it’s something for a big event, heading back to school, party, or just your everyday enjoyment. We’re striving to offer a great selection of items. Whether you want something funny, informative, sporty, or downright fashionable we love having this opportunity to share our ideas with you and yours with us.

Our continued growth speaks to our ever evolving brand. We are proud of the momentum we are building and owe much of that to our customers. We hope you will find these posts beneficial and join us week after week for new insights. Please feel free to leave a message. We want to hear from you and look forward to your continued contributions. We welcome your thoughts, suggestions, and questions. Thank you, welcome, and enjoy.

Pink and White hibiscus flowers signed All the best, Amethyst

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