tree wall decal in green and brown with birds holding up photos on clothesline

Different Kinds of Wall Available

tree wall decal in green and brown with birds holding up photos on clothesline



Both have their pros and cons. Wall decals are designed for indoor use because it can fade quickly outdoors. Therefore, position the wall decal based on the amount of direct sunlight a room gets. Wall decals are removable and relocated. On the other hand, wall stickers leave residue on the wall when removed.

You can buy wall decals and murals on Printing, an online destination. Check their gallery to see the variety of wall decals for bedroom or living room available in different shapes, sizes, patterns, images, and designs. Turn the walls into a marvelous art piece.

Different types of spectacular wall decals

Floral decals

People prefer floral decals to make the room look natural. They highlight the other decorations in your living room. It adds some color to a blank wall. Pink flowers added on a white wall give the space a charming look. You can choose flowers of different colors and types.

Animal decals

An animal person can find this type attractive. It allows revealing your love towards animals. In case you adore polar bears but will not keep one in the house as a pet but displaying a polar bear wall decal is a great way to watch them every day. Kids and adults like animals, so they will find their favorite animal decal on specific room’s fun. It is a great way to introduce a pet animal in your kid’s bedroom.

Cartoon decals

Other wall decals children get attracted to - are the variety of cartoon characters. Kids and adults have a special connection with a specific cartoon character. Children will adore having their favorite cartoon hero on their bedroom walls.

Measuring chart decals

Measuring chart wall decals have practical uses. It can be a fun decoration as well as help to monitor your children’s growth. You can get measuring chart decals with different kinds of themes and characters. A tall giraffe grabs the attention and imagination of your tiny one. Kids can even get familiar with measurements and even enjoy monitoring their growth on their own.

Tribal decals

Tribal decals reveal the pride of your ancestors. Several wall decals are displaying tribal art artistic interpretation. Tribal decals will look great in a variety of places but make to have some other tribal ornamental pieces to create a blending theme.

Decals with inspirational phrases

Inspirational and motivational phrases are helpful. It can help you stay positive, especially in depressive moments when staying on task seems hard. If you are surrounded by positive energy, it helps to keep the negativity at bay.

Religious, comedic, sports, video games, and music wall decals are some other interesting ways to create an appealing environment in specific rooms.

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